About Us

Lots of Spots is a small TICA and CFA registered cattery in Dallas Texas. All cats roam free in our home as part of the family and are lovingly handled every day.  Our goal is to breed for health, beauty and temperament. 

My Bengal journey started 15 years ago when I brought home my first Bengal, Diego. He was an extremely active, playful, loving and curious boy who kept me on my toes.  Diego sparked my love for Bengals which later lead breeding these amazing cats. 

Today, along with Diego, we have two active Queens and one future queen who is still a kitten. Our active queens are Mia, who is a sweet and playful brown girl and Lexi, who is a stunning and sweet Silver Snow Lynx girl.  Our up and coming queen is Miss B Haven who is the daughter of Mia and lives up to her name every day.