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We have kittens!!! We have one male snow (lynx) marble kitten available for reservation.  He should be ready to go home about a week before Christmas once they have healed from his neuter.  To start the reservation process, fill out the kitten application found as a drop down under the "Available Kittens" tab. To see videos and pictures of the kittens, click on the Google Photos link below:

If you would like to join the waiting list for future litters, please fill out a kitten application found under the "Available Kittens" tab. A $200 down payment and a signed down payment agreement is needed to secure your place in line to pick a kitten. Kittens are selected by the list based on the order that they joined the list.  Below is a list of those currently on the waiting list.

Place:    Name:                 Kitten Preference:

1       Kristen K.             Silver Female (2024) 
2     Jasmine N.         Silver Female (2024)   
3    Virginia M.        Silver F (summer 2024) 
4    Virginia M.       Brown F
 (summer 2024)

I want a kitten from Lots of Spots. What do I do?


Congratulations on your decision to make a Lots of Spots kitten(s) the newest part of your family!

Bengals are a very popular breed and several people show interest in kittens.  Due to this, we allow the option for serious buyers to join our waiting list for a $200 nonrefundable deposit which will be applied towards the cost of your kitten.   Those on the waiting list will get to select their kittens first once they are old enough (4-6 weeks old).  Kitten selection will be done first come first sever based off of when the deposit has been completed (you will be notified of your place in line on your deposit statement).  I will go down the line of those on the waiting list to let them select their kitten.  Those kittens that have not been selected will then be offered to the public.  Once you have selected your kitten an additional deposit, equal to 25% of the kitten price, will be due.  This nonrefundable deposit will also go towards the price of your kitten and will secure that exact kitten for you.

To be added to the waiting list or to request to reserve an available kitten from our webpage, please fill out the initial kitten application that can be found as a subset to the “Available Kittens” tab.

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