RW QGC Verification Gerhard of Lots of Spots


Gerhard joined us here at Lots of Spots when he was already almost two years old but I instantly fell in love with him. He is a large beautiful boy who purrs nonstop and wants nothing more than to cuddle and play. I am so grateful to Verification bengals for allowing him to become a part of the Lots of Spots program and I cant wait to see the beautiful and sweet kittens we will make.

(Slate) CH Benalex Killer of Lots of Spots


Slate joined us here at Lots of Spots when he was just over two years old all the way from Russia. I selected him for some of his genetic color traits as well as his pedigree but I was received the most pleasant surprise to find that he is the sweetest and most loving boy.  He 16 pounds of purrs and hugs. And I do mean hugs! He reached up your leg or reaches our from the cat tree all the time for Hugs. He just cant get enough!

Up and Coming King:

OPMBengals Fugazi of Lots of Spots


I am so excited to have Fugazi as part of our program and I cannot wait to see how he will grow and mature. He is a double APB silver who carries Lynx and dilute.  He is a stunning clear silver who is full life and always ready to play.