The Queen Bengals of Lots of Spots

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RW SGC DreamOn Argenta Alexa of Lots of Spots (Lexi)

We couldn't be more happy to have Lexi as a part of our breeding program.  On top of being the biggest sweet heart, Lexi is an amazing show cat!  She was the #1 kitten in Congress at the 2019 TICA On Safari in Las Vegas where amazing Bengals from all around the world were judged against each other in 3 rings.  She was also voted as the best snow kitten in the breeders choice awards at On Safari.

Lexi's TICA rankings for 2019/2020  season includes the #1 Bengal kitten in the South Central Region and #19 Bengal Kitten in the world. She was also the #1 Silver Seal Lync Bengal in the South Central region and the #2 Silver Seal Lynx Bengal in the world.  On top of that she was the #15 best kitten of all breeds in the South Central Region. She also holds the title of a Regional Winner & sh eis a Supreme Grand Champion.  Congratulation Lexi and a big thank you to DreamOn Bengals for allowing Lexi to become a part of the Lots of Spots family.

RW SGC DreamOn Argenta Alexa of LotsOfSpots (Lexi) & BishopBengals Sabastian

 SGC Lots Of Spots Rayne Dancer

Rayne is a Lots of Spots home grown treasure that I couldn't be more proud of.  She is full of personality to match her amazing expression and has a loud voice to share it you.  She expresses so many amazing traits of her ancestorial Asian Leopard cat from her large expressive eyes, rounded well placed ears, thick checkered tail and spotty paws.  It isn't any wonder she managed to become a Supreme Grand Champion at only 10 months old!   

 CH Lots Of Spots Icy Bear (Ibby)

RW SGC DreamOn Argenta Alexa of LotsOfSpots (Lexi) & RW SGC LunaKatz Rebel.

Ibby is such a sweet and playful girl who always has something to say in her soft and sweet voice. When she went to her very first cat show she was an adult already but all of the new sights and smells didn't bother her one bit. She had a lot of fun playing in the rings and did amazingly well with several Second best of breed wins against a large male that was the top bengal internationally at the time. She has a stunning pattern, amazing whisker pads, small ears and large round eyes. 

Ziggy is a sweet girl who looks out for all of the other kitties. She is always grooming and comforting the other girls and showing off her ability to be a great mommy. When she isn't caring for the others she can be found several feet off the ground chasing a toy or exploring the highest areas in the house. She is a beautiful girl with small round ears, large round eyes, puffy whisker pads and it solid muscle. In her very first show as a kitten she was able two make two finals despite some very tough competition  from some large boys.

 CH Lots Of Spots Ziggy StarDust (Ziggy)

RW SGC DreamOn Argenta Alexa of LotsOfSpots (Lexi) & RW SGC LunaKatz Rebel.

 CH Lots Of Spots Mighty Mouse

RW SGC DreamOn Argenta Alexa of LotsOfSpots (Lexi) & Bishopbengals Sabastian.

Mouse is a spunky kitten full of life and opinions she is not afraid to tell you about. When she is meowing out her thoughts in her outside voice she is purring away or tossing her toys around the house. She is a silver kitten with an amazing wild face and awesome head shake like her mommy. She has large eyes, whisker pads, nose leather and a nice chin along with great flow to her rosettes. We cant wait to see what she will produce in 2021.