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All cats are different and can prefer different types of litter boxes and litters.  Most people have success with litter that has a sand like texture as it is gentle on their paws and it is instinctual for them to dig and use it to bury their business.  

At Lots of Spots we start kittens off with pine pellets that dissolve when wet only because it safe if a kitten accidentally eats one.  (Those little babies put everything in their mouth!) As they grow older they are introduced to the popular sand like clumping litter that is used by the adult cats in the house.  I personally prefer Dr. Elsey's ultra clumping litter as it doesn't have a lot of dust and clumps quickly to help keep things clean.

Litter boxes:

We have several different types of litter boxes in our home but the most popular one with both the humans and the cats is the litter robot.  Its an expensive litter box but worth its weight in gold.  The cats love it because they get a clean box at every use (it senses when a cat leaves the box and cycles to drop the waist in a bin at the bottom on the unit).  I love it because I do not need to clean it daily like other boxes and it does great job of keeping any smells at bay.  It flashes a blue light when the bin is full of litter and in need of a change.  All i need to do is remove the bag full of litter, put a new empty bad in and add some additional litter.  Kittens from Lots of Spots are exposed to the little robot at a young and have all taken to using it.  If you are getting a kitten from us that you have picked out and want to purchase this box, feel free to let me know and I can update you as to how your kitten is taking to the box.

Even if you do not have a Lots of Spots kitten you can click the link or the banner to the side to get $25 off a litter robot.

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