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Bengal Personality

Bengals are an extremely vocal, playful, friendly, and social cats. They are known for their love of adventure and curiosity which will keep you entertained.  Due to their intelligence and energy it is important to make sure your Bengal is mentally and physically stimulated.  They do great with other animals (including dogs) as well as children.

Below you will find suggestions, links and discounts of some products recommended and used by us. While we do get referral credits for some of these products, all of the below listed items are used by us and truly are favorites of both myself and the cats!  Please feel free to ask any questions about the products recommended below.


Raw Fed

Here at Lots of Spots we raise our kittens on a well balanced raw diet.  As a part of that diet, we use the Younge Again raw supplement as well as their Probiotics immunity and digestion supplements.  Our kitties love the taste and texture of these products so much we had to ask if they had an affiliate program.  Click the "Young Again Pet Food" link below for their site.

Toys & Cats Wheels

These high energy cats need a lot of toys to challenge their intellect and tire them out. Some favorites are laser pointers, feather teasers like Da Bird and of course, several scratching posts and cat trees as they love to be up high.

A cat wheel is HIGHLY recommended to help them burn off some of their extra energy.  Lots of Spots uses the Ferris Cat Wheel (sold by ZiggyDoo) and highly recommends this model of wheel for your kitten as well. ALL of the Lots of Spots kitties love their wheel!  While there are cheaper wheels out there, we recommend the Ferris Cat Wheel because they are known for their high quality and great design which helps avoid safety issues found in other wheels such as the wheel slipping off of its track while in use.  We have also used one fast cat wheels and find that we often have to buy additional parts to replace the frames that easily break. The cost of these extra parts alone quickly make up the difference in price between the Ziggy Doo and One Fast cat. The Ferris Cat Wheel is also wider then the cheaper wheels. This allows the cats to have move space to safely run as well as allow for more than one cat to walk together on the wheel at one time.  See your video page for examples of our wheel in use.

If you are in the market for a Ferris Cat Wheel, please mention that you were referred by Lots Of Spots Bengals in the comments box at check out (and let us know as well with your confirmation number from ZiggyDoo).  Each purchase made with us as a referral will bring us one step closer to acquiring an additional wheel for our cattery.  


Ferris Cat Wheel Banner.png

Litter Robot


All cats are different and can prefer different types of litter boxes and litters.  Most people have success with litter that has a sand like texture as it is gentle on their paws and it is instinctual for them to dig and use it to bury their business.  

At Lots of Spots we start kittens off with pine pellets that dissolve when wet only because it safe if a kitten accidentally eats one.  (Those little babies put everything in their mouth!) As they grow older they are introduced to the popular sand like clumping litter that is used by the adult cats in the house.  I personally prefer Dr. Elsey's ultra clumping litter as it doesn't have a lot of dust and clumps quickly to help keep things clean.

Litter boxes:

We have several different types of litter boxes in our home but the most popular one with both the humans and the cats is the litter robot.  Its an expensive litter box but worth its weight in gold.  The cats love it because they get a clean box at every use (it senses when a cat leaves the box and cycles to drop the waist in a bin at the bottom on the unit).  I love it because I do not need to clean it daily like other boxes and it does great job of keeping any smells at bay.  It flashes a blue light when the bin is full of litter and in need of a change.  All I need to do is remove the bag full of litter, put a new empty bad in and add some additional litter.  If you are getting a kitten from us that you have picked out and want to purchase this box, feel free to let me know and I can update you as to how your kitten is taking to the box.

Even if you do not have a Lots of Spots kitten you can $50 off of your first purchase from the litter robot website by using the following link:



*Please note that while I do get credit for some of the products on this page when you use my codes and links, all products suggested here are personally used and recommended by me.

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