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DreamOn Argenta Alexa of Lots of Spots (Lexi)

We couldn't be more happy to have Lexi as a part of our breeding program.  On top of being the biggest sweet heart, Lexi is an amazing show cat!  She was the #1 kitten in Congress at the 2019 TICA On Safari in Las Vegas where amazing Bengals from all around the world were judged against each other in 3 rings.  She was also voted as the best snow kitten in the breeders choice awards at On Safari.


In TICA for 2019 she is currently the #1 Bengal kitten in the South Central Region and #12 Bengal Kitten in the world.  She also hold the title of a Triple Grand Champion in in TICA.  Congratulation Lexi and a big thank you to DreamOn Bengals for allowing Lexi to become a part of the Lots of Spots family.

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Lots of Spots Miss B Haven

Miss B is the daughter of Mia and set to be a future queen at Lots of Spots.  She lives up to her name by spending every waking moment turning everything into a toy and exploring everything from the floor to the ceiling. While her need to play and explore stand out in her personality, she is also a very sweet girl who wont pass up a warm lap for a nap.

Miss B just started her show carrier and earned the title of Champion in CFA.  We are very excited to watch her grow from an amazing kitten into an amazing cat.

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Mia Amore Mio! (Mia)

While Diego has been with us for 15 years, Mia is the first breeding queen of Lots of Spots and holds a special place in my heart. She is a very sweet girl and an excellent mother.

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