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All of Mia and Toughs Kittens have been reserved.


Black (Naked due to no collar) is a very large and sweet brown boy who looks like he may be turning silver.  He was the first born and largest kitten from day one and has outweighed his siblings ever since. He is a very gentle and laid back boy who I am guessing will be a very large adult as well.

Reserved for Bianney!! 

Red is a silver female full of play and personality.  She is the first to figure everything out (including how to escape the play pen) and gets into everything. 

She will be great in a home with another Bengal, other active pets or with a lot of interaction from her new parents and a wheel.  Her new parents should be the type to enjoy Bengal antics as she will keep them on their toes.

Reserved for Kamry & Riley

Blue is a very sweet silver girl.  She is gentle, playful and a little lover. This beautiful little girl will just sit in your hands or on your lap for some loving.

Reserved for Jamie 

Purple is a stunning brown female. She has the beautiful flow in there pattern, a lovely head and face and lacks the full tabby M. On top of all that she has the most amazing temperament. She is very easy to handle and loves to cuddle.